The Stock Market Jumpstarter (EN) Free

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Monitor Your Investment

You are already invested into the stock market.
Feel free to watch your investments go green (up), and go red (down). The important thing to
remind yourself here is that you are a long-term investor and that these small price movements don’t
really matter.

Right now, you should be proud that the Filipino business tycoons are working hard to make your
money grow. (Recall that if you buy a stock, you are buying into a business, and you are leveraging on
the people running that business.)
Here is the guide on how you can understand your portfolio even more.

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The Stock Market Jumpstarter (EN) Free
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Day3: Try Out or Sign-up To the Truly Rich Club

The Truly Rich Club is really the best guide out there for beginners and even veterans. You have
worked hard for your money, and I think your money deserves the best “baby-sitter” (Edward Lee) out
there. Ultimately, what this can mean for you is not only profitability, but peace of mind. To know that
you’re being guided by the best means you can sleep soundly while your money works hard for you.

Now, personally, I think of the Truly Rich Club as being able to hire the best stock market expert
here in the Philippines (Edward Lee) so that he can tell me exactly what to buy and sell.

However, if paying for expert guidance is really not your thing; another other option is to look at
the COL EIP recommendation list. As of Nov 2012, they are recommending 16 different companies
that you can invest in it for the long term. Now, please take note here that with this COL EIP list, you
will be on your own. So it’s important that you have the discipline and confidence to keep on
investing in your selected companies.

If you can’t decide at the moment, then just go for the Truly Rich Club and try it out. There’s a 30-
day money back guarantee anyway. So you can just “see what it’s like” first.

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